Why you should have plants in your workplace

If having plants in your home is one way to brighten up the place, why not do the same in your office? Having plants in the workplace adds aesthetic value to it. While plants are good to have in the workplace, business owners cite one problem they have with it. This is the maintenance and upkeep of such greenery. If you want plants for your office but don’t want the hassle associated with plant upkeep, check https://sunnydalegreensolutions.com/for plant rentals.






Benefits of greenery in the office


Having plants at work is beneficial in many ways but not all business owners believe that this is a good thing. When you want to have plants in your workplace and have to convince management to get them, you can suggest plant rentals at https://sunnydalegreensolutions.com/. You can also point out the many benefits of having these in your office.


Cleaner air – Humans produce carbon dioxide. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. When you have plants in your office, you can have cleaner air because these plants absorb the CO2 and replace it with fresh oxygen. The ideal ratio for cleaner air is 1 plant for every 3 people. When your office adopts this plant to human ratio, you get indoor air that is 50% cleaner.


Stress reduction – Some studies conducted on the effect of plants on people in the workplace show that stress is absent when these are around. With plants nearby, a person feels calmer and less tired. Anxiety goes down by more than 30 percent, depression by almost 60 percent, and fatigue by over 40 percent. It has also been noted that people feel less angry when plants are around.


Improvement in health – Clean air and less stress results in better health. People get to breathe easier and work seems less tedious with plants around. In some studies, people who worked with plants around were compared with those who worked without the presence of plants. Those who had greenery around them felt a lot better and were less prone to getting sick than those who did not have plants in the vicinity.


Increase in productivity – When people are less stressed, feeling good, and not prone to sickness, they become more productive. The presence of plants in the workplace also helps fuel creativity. This was proven in another study that used workers exposed to plants and those who worked in a room devoid of foliage. Those who worked with plants near them displayed innovative thinking and came up with more ideas than those who worked without greenery nearby.


Reduced costs – Yes, you read that right. Having plants that you rent from https://sunnydalegreensolutions.com/ can reduce costs for the business. This is because of the increase in productivity and reduction in absences. This can also mean lower costs because you don’t need to spend a lot on medication for ailments that your workers used to suffer from.


You don’t have to buy plants for the workplace to benefit from them. All you need to do is to rent them. Renting plants from Sunnydale Green Solutions will give you the greenery your office needs without the hassle and upkeep that comes with owning them.