These Office Maintenance Tips Should Be on Your Checklist

Managing an office comes with a lot of responsibilities, and one of them is office maintenance. Keeping a well-maintained office has several benefits, including boosting employee morale and ensuring a safe work environment. While everybody in the workplace can pitch in to help, it is still best to seek help from professionals, like Mathiou Services, for so many reasons. Should you need a team to hire, you can book them easily through their website.

One of the benefits of hiring a maintenance company is the fact that they know office maintenance like the back of their hand. Here’s a checklist that you may have missed before:

1. The glass windows, doors, and walls

Most offices have glass walls, doors, and windows that divide inter-departments. Glass can be dangerous when not cared for properly. A small broken glass wall can cause accidents, that’s why it should be repaired or replaced at once. Only a maintenance company has the time, knowledge, and expertise to fix the damage.

2. Stairway railing

People use the stairways all the time, and for that reason, it usually gets the wear and tear. A damaged railing can be a hazard to people using the stairs all the time, so make sure to inspect your staircases regularly and record any damages.

3. Damaged threads on carpets

A worn carpet screams danger when not fixed right away. The frayed threads can cause slips and falls, making the carpet an office hazard. A maintenance company can handle that problem when you book them as soon as possible through their website or call them on their numbers.

4. Flooring

One of the most common causes of workplace injury is floor slips. Wet floors, unanchored mats, and less-traction flooring are just of the reasons why these accidents happen. To minimise office accidents, have your floors inspected and repaired by the experts.

5. Labels

When storing containers and packages, make sure they have the right labels. Some hazardous content may end up with food and other packages, causing contamination or, worse, poisoning. Gas and chemicals should also be stored away from people due to the health risks they bring when exposed.

6. Electrical panels

See to it that all electrical wires and cables are in good condition before using. You can ask your employees to look for damaged wiring as this can cause fire and electrocution. Record those which need repair and make sure only qualified commercial electricians are called to take care of the issues.

7. Emergency lighting and alarms

In cases of emergency, your office should have a working emergency light and alarms. Blackouts can be dangerous, so emergency lamps across the hallways must be installed. Safety alarms are also a must in office buildings. The alarm goes off when something triggers it, so it warns people to get out of the building immediately.

8. Employee training

Employees should have training and workshops when it comes to reporting damaged appliances, furnishings, and electrical wiring in the workplace. Make them understand that keeping a watchful eye for anything that requires fixing or replacing can help avoid accidents in the workplace.

Fortunately, it is easier to get in touch with a maintenance company these days. Mathiou Services, for instance, can be booked through their website.