Install skylights, add the touch of exclusivity to your home!

Skylights are architectural elements designed to provide top lighting using daylight. You can use these devices for residential, commercial, and public architectural projects. A properly designed daylighting system can significantly lower energy consumption and illumination costs in buildings and houses. Skylights Melbourne distributes solutions for top lighting like roof windows and skylines.

This also translates into a more beneficial environmental impact. Top lighting is significantly more efficient than side lightning (i.e., conventional windows on the wall). Therefore, skylights are almost ubiquitous in modern architecture. Skylights Melbourne distributes solutions for top lighting like roof windows and skylines.

Skylights from Velux

Skylights Melbourne offers a great variety of Velux products. Velux is a manufacturer of roof windows and skylines, with more than 70 years in the market. Their products offered for the Australian market can withstand the harsh climatic conditions found in this part of the world.

Velux skylights and roof windows have been tested successfully against heat and UV rays, rain, fire, snow, hail, and other natural elements. Buy Velux windows and/or skylights and have the confidence that people under them are completely safe.

Velux roof windows are perfect top lighting solutions for attics and lofts. Besides daylight, roof windows also allow fresh air in for proper ventilation. These windows can be complemented with the corresponding Velux blinds for light control, and with insect screens in places where flying bugs abound in the summer.

On which roofs can be skylights windows installed?

On the other hand, you can install Velux skylights in all the areas of a house or buildings—even on flat roofs. You can check the Velux website and learn more about these daylighting solutions. You can read all the characteristics of the Velux roof windows and skylights online.

Fixed or openable: It all depends on the house

There are two modalities of Velux skylights: fixed and openable. Fixed skylights cannot be opened. However, they are economic beautiful elements that expand the view from inside the room. They can transform any dark room into a well-illuminated and pleasant area, thereby creating a spacious feeling inside a house.

On the other hand, you can be open and close openable skylights to provide extra ventilation to indoor areas. Manual opening and solar/electric options are available. A preinstalled insect screen keeps out all the mosquitoes and flying bugs during the summertime. You can buy Velux skylights online. The process is simple.

Are you already selecting skylights?

All you have to do to buy a Velux roof window or skylight is to visit the Skylights Melbourne website. In the “Shop” section, you can see the different models that are offered. Select the type and size that suit your needs.

Add the product of your preference to your shopping cart and proceed to complete the payment. That is all! Your product(s) will be shipped out immediately. Shipping costs and delivery times vary, depending on your location in Australia.

The skylights Melbourne suppliers have today are high-quality products for your daylighting project. Abundant daylight in indoor areas has positive effects on people’s physiological and psychological well-being. This translates to higher productivity in many contexts. Therefore, you must regard Velux roof windows and/or skylights as good investments. With these products, you can guarantee total satisfaction.